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 Intellectual Property (IP) can be challenging to navigate. As creators and innovators, your IP is uniquely yours and you want— and need— to claim it as such. However, if Intellectual Property and all its intricacies aren’t your forte, this can make it just that much more challenging. As IP Consultants and years of experience behind us, we help you navigate the IP Law and so much more with expert guidance and understanding.

We have a range of online Intellectual Property Webinars & Masterclasses available to help you understand the complex world of IP.

Our Intellectual Property Webinars

Introduction Blue

Introduction to Intellectual Property

Available on demand from Jan ‘24

Our free signature IP workshop is designed to help you understand the relevance of Intellectual Property to your business and avoid common pitfalls others have faced.


Coming Spring ‘24

Navigating Intellectual Property in the MedTech industry and Medical Innovation space doesn’t have to be challenging. Sign up now for first access!
The SportsTech

The SportsTech Workshop

Coming Spring ‘24

Stephen is passionate about SportsTech and has created this workshop for all companies needing clarity of on aspects of Sports Tech Intellectual Property.

Get Your IP Strategy Right The First Time

Getting your IP strategy right the first time around is incredibly important, and you don’t want to risk the success you’ve worked so hard to achieve. A good ‘fit for purpose’ Intellectual Property plan aims to get your strategy right from the outset.

Are you:

  • On the path to raising (further) investment and want to ensure your IP position won’t turn investors away?
  • On the path to selling your business and want to ensure your IP position won’t damage your valuation?
  • Launching a product and want to ensure your IP will help to secure your market position/competitive advantage?
  • Spending a significant amount of money on your IP and want to ensure you’re spending it wisely?

If you fit any of the above categories, getting your IP strategy right should be one of your main priorities and we’re here to help with just that.

Meet Your Presenter & Expert IP Consultant

Stephen Carter, the founder of The Intellectual Property Works, is a former European patent attorney and UK patent attorney turned Intellectual Property Consultant with over 25 years of experience. In this time he’s worked with multiple law firms in London, supporting the IP needs of clients whether they be start-ups or large corporations.

Our IP Webinars and Workshops Are For Innovators Like You

The Intellectual Property Works webinars and workshops are for founders and leaders of businesses developing innovative technology, whether that be hardware or software. If you recognise that Intellectual Property is crucial to your business and investors but are unsure whether your IP strategy and/or IP management is fit for purpose, our webinars and workshops may be just what you need. Our webinars and workshops will help you to:

Your IP Needs

Know Your IP

Maximise Your
Business Value

Protect Your
IP Practically

Stop Wasting Time
on IP Research

Start Investing In Your
IP The Right Way

What You'll Gain from our IP Webinars and Workshops

During the IP workshops, you’ll gain knowledge you likely won’t find anywhere else, such as the difference an IP mindset makes, the most common IP mistakes, and how to avoid them. You’ll also learn all about the core elements of an Intellectual Property strategy, and come away with an outline strategy for your business to set you up for further success.

When you leave the workshops, you’ll have a newfound understanding of the relevance of Intellectual Property to your unique business and how it contributes to your goals. Last but not least, we expect you to come away with at least two or three key actions you can implement straight away to improve your IP Management process.

Why Our Intellectual Property Education & Training?

100% Free

100% Free

Available On-Demand


Watch At Your Own Pace

Watch Anytime

Watch Anytime

Watch At Your
Own Pace

Led by Stephen

Led by
Stephen Carter

Variety of Topics

Variety of Topics
– Choose Yours!

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Introduction to Intellectual Property

Available on demand
from Jan ‘24


Coming Spring ‘24

The SportsTech Workshop

Coming Spring ‘24
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