Intelligent IP Solutions tailored to your business needs

The Intellectual Property Works was founded by Stephen Carter specifically to work with start-ups and SMEs to help them design, implement and manage an effective IP strategy.

We recognise that innovative, fast-growing businesses are often cash poor and we have pricing structures for our services that seek to ease cashflow. Our aim is always to develop a long-term relationship with the businesses we are helping, providing the right advice at the right time, whilst allowing the costs to be spread with a predictable monthly subscription. We also offer our services on a fixed price project basis.

IP Advice On Tap

This is our preferred way of providing our services to you. A predictable monthly cost for a package of support tailored to your needs, whether that is managing the implementation of your IP strategy and the day-to-day management of your IP portfolio or simply being available “on tap” to answer questions without worrying about racking up unpredictable charges.

All our subscription packages include an IP Healthcheck and at least one IP review meeting per year.

IP Healthcheck

A report on your current IP position, including clear, actionable recommendations for improvements.

Our IP Healthcheck is included with all our subscription packages and is also available as a one-off fixed price project.

IP Audit

A full audit of your IP position with actionable recommendations, considering your current IP, opportunities for future IP creation and protection, potential risks from competitor IP and IP ownership, along with a review of any existing IP strategy and processes for managing IP that you have in place.

Our IP Audit is available as a one-off fixed price project or it’s cost can be wrapped into a subscription package.

IP Strategy

We can help you prepare your first IP strategy or to review and revise an existing strategy, either as a one-off project or on a regular, ongoing basis as part of a subscription package.

IP Searches

IP searches can help to identify IP risk, help evaluate the strength of your own IP rights and provide useful competitor insights.

We offer various IP search services, either as one-off fixed price projects or as part of a subscription package.

IP Protection

When it comes to protecting your own IP, we can help with the preparation and filing of applications for patents, trade marks and registered designs.

We offer fixed prices for these services or the cost can be wrapped into a subscription package.